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    Screens and Ritzscreens® are very effective and sustainable. There is a suitable sun protection solution for every situation. 

Tremendously effective

Verano® screens hang flat against the outside of your window, preventing the sunlight from entering the room.


Tremendously effective
Smooth and modern

Smooth and modern

Screens provide your façade with a modern and cool radiance. That occurs because the fabric is mounted flat and close to your window.


Verano screens provide privacy, making it impossible to look inside your home. However, due to the special fabric, you can look to the outside. No less important is that the screens are very sturdy and windproof and do not take up a lot of space.

Vitro Colors

Vitro Colors

Verano has its own fabric collection for screens: the Vitro Colours. You can opt for a grey or brown shade, which harmonises with the colour of your casing, roof or façade. Do you prefer something more explicit? Then you can create a playful mosaic by giving each screen another colour. While selecting your fabric, also pay attention to its features, because they vary in the level in which they allow the amount of light and heat entering. All screen fabrics are fire-retardant.

view the Vitro Colors

Metro Colors

Recently, Verano has introduced a new collection of fabrics for screens: the Metro Colours. This collection contains 17 contemporary and stylish colours that fully meet the latest trends. The accent colours are grey and brown. These shades harmonise perfectly with the popular colours for casings, roofs and façades.

view the Metro Colors
Metro Colors

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