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    Drop-arm awnings protect against heat and inconvenient glares. Enjoy the shadow without losing view.

No more sunlight entering your house

A drop-arm awning performs a single task and it takes this task very seriously: blocking heat and bothersome sunlight so that your room remains nice and cool during the summer. Your energy-guzzling air conditioner becomes nearly superfluous. Moreover, a drop-arm awning is a lovely décor for your façade.

No more sunlight entering your house
Extremely effective

Extremely effective

A drop-arm awning shades your window but does not block the outside view. In most cases, the reflective fabric stretches close to your window, making it impossible to walk underneath a drop-arm awning, yet effectively keeping away heat and sunlight. Drop-arm awnings are an economical alternative for sunshades and ideal for higher windows.

Select your colour

A drop-arm awning adds character to the façade of your house. Use the opportunity and give the awning the radiance that matches your home. You can choose from more than 180 colours and patterns: from yellow to red and from charcoal grey to classic stripes.

Select your colour


Drop-arm awnings are exceptionally windproof because Verano equips them with sturdy windproof arms. In addition, you can opt for even sturdier arms such as storm-proof arms with stainless steel springs, windproof arms with dampers, and balcony corner arms.

Drop-arm awning Napoli
A sturdy drop-arm awnings for large widths.
Drop-arm awning Mallorca
A compact quality drop-arm awning.
Drop-arm awning Florence
A drop-arm awning with a very long lifespan.
Drop-arm awning Palma
A sturdy and reliable drop-arm awning.
Drop-arm awning Markisolette
A drop-arm awning suitable for tall windows.
Drop-arm awning Calpe
A drop-arm awning with pressure spring arms.
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