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    Verano® garage doors are made from the best solid and sturdy materials. Enjoy a well isolated, robust and safe garage door.

Well-insulated garage doors

Verano® garage doors are made from the very best materials: sturdy and no chance of draught. This way, you create a well-insulated, safe garage.


Well-insulated garage doors
Safety above all

Safety above all

A Verano® garage door is burglar-proof and therefore, extremely safe. If intruders try to open the garage door, the motor is automatically activated and blocks the garage door. In addition, you don’t have to worry about someone or something getting jammed between the garage door and the floor/walls, because the motor is equipped with sophisticated obstacle detection.

Unparalleled customisation

Verano® garage doors are tailor-made so that they always fit seamlessly in your garage. Furthermore, we make them with different panels so that they match your personal taste. Choose an even and smooth panel or a profiled panel – a striped pattern (with horizontal notches) or a pattern with a rectangular relief surface (cassette design).

Unparalleled customisation
The colour of your garage door

The colour of your garage door

Your house will look larger if the garage door has the same colour as the rest of the façade. That’s why Verano® garage doors are available in all the RAL colours. In addition, there is a wide choice of wood-grain and metallic foils so that the garage door can match the casings of your house in colour and structure. The garage doors are finished with a special weather-proof coating.


Remote control

Our garage doors can be operated remotely: open, close or stop the garage door with a single push of a button.


Remote control

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